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Hottest trends in Digital Marketing

Today it’s considered the most effective marketing method and most likely to generate the most ROI in a company. Here is a peek at some of this year’s hottest digital marketing trends. Personalized content – 92% of the shoppers are influenced to complete a purchase based on the shopping cart recommendations they receive. Videos have […]

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Making the best of the digital era

Digital marketing is enhancing and maintaining the level of organization’s multi-channel communication strategies. With the advancements of technological factors, digital marketing trends are ever updating and evolving. Viedo Adds People are more drawn toward visual content. An informative video of your products or services is a guaranteed way to get more and more hits. Apps […]

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The best trends for SEO in 2016

Content is, has been and will always be king Content marketing is a trend and practice that could never go wrong. However it is important to identify the type of content that works best for your brand. Content should always be simple, relevant, clear off doubts and most importantly “call to action”. Most brands try […]

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Why do You need a Copywriter?

You may be someone who is really good with your words and always come up with the right things to say. And you are positive that there’s nobody who knows your business better than you. Of course that is true. But does that mean you do not need a copywriter to write your company website? […]

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