Why do You need a Copywriter?

By admin | January 15, 2015 | Content Marketing

why do you need a copy writer

You may be someone who is really good with your words and always come up with the right things to say. And you are positive that there’s nobody who knows your business better than you. Of course that is true. But does that mean you do not need a copywriter to write your company website? You most certainly DO! And here are 10 reasons why:

1.Time is money
As someone who pays a major role in your everyday business functions you cannot find time to sit down and write your website. Even if you do, can you give one hundred percent undivided attention to all minute details for a successful content with your overloaded schedule? We don’t think so.

2.You are in it deeper than anybody else
You are too close to your business. A copywriter is someone who can explain things in a lighter and non technical way which will make it easier for others to understand what you do.

3.You haven’t done it before
You may have a lot of experience writing articles, business letters and reports. But it is definitely not the same as writing for the web. The headlines, subheads and key points need to compelling, striking and at the same time precise.

4.How to play with grammar
Usage of certain grammatical components in your content might be tricky at times. Should web content be written in active voice or passive? In first, second or third person? Should you write in Past tense or present? There is no particular norm, but it takes a copywriter to understand and choose what works best for your website through experience, knowledge and research.

5.Clearly Search engine optimization is not your subject
Copywriters do not only mix a bunch of beautiful words together and create something. They ensure that your website content is rich in keywords, for search engines to recognize. If your website is informative with well written content but is not SEO friendly you are definitely at a loss.

6.Reflect, Correlate and make sure it fits
You would need all your promotional material and the website to go in hand. A copywriter can study all these components individually and create your web content to correlate, for a similar outcome.

7.It is an online conversation
How familiar are you with conversational writing? It cannot be a dialogue, but it should talk to your customers in such a way that they feel like they are talking to you. In order to keep the users interested and for a guaranteed business, getting up close and personal with your content is a must.

8.Can you beat the competition?
There is so much competition out there and if you are not using the right words to beat it, yours will also be one of those boring websites that has a high bounce rate and no actual feedback. Attractive graphics and compelling content is guaranteed to give your website a competitive edge.

9.Call-to-action is the cream of the crop
A lot of useful information is a must in any website. But carefully selected words can prompt your visitors to engage more and push you towards the ultimate goal. Making an inquiry, purchasing online and subscribing to a newsletter are not things that are entirely out of your control if you know that your words are chosen effectively.

10.Don’t jeopardize the investment you made on your customized website
You have already spent generously to get a customized website designed for your company. Make sure that the beautiful graphics also have an interesting story behind it. Because it is words that sell!

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